Aether is a mysterious substance that is the source of all magic. Its discovery was the primary spark that started the Aether War, and is the main concern of the Aether Council. Aether is the catalytic component for forming spells and the essential ingredient to the birth of Loudhearts

Physical Description

Aether is a seemingly liquid substance that does not obey the planet's pull, and thus floats freely in whatever place it is left and moving continuously until it is stopped. However, the only material with which it will interact is [[cruft crystals]]; aether willpass through any other material, and nothing but cruft crystal has any impact upon aether's shape, form, or movement. Aether clumps together in individual masses which do not break apart unless forced by cruft crystal.

Aether's appearance varies widely in many aspects, including color(s), patterns, opacity, reflectiveness, and illumination. Similary, aether has been found with many different forms varying in their size, shape, texture, and movement. Scholars have yet to develop any reliable predictors or systems for determining any particular aether's spell based on its appearance.


Each aether mass appears to have its own unique rule of magic (known as a spell) that, when a tangible object or material comes in contact with it, is applied to the subjected object/material. There have been no reported cases of any aethers that do not have spells, have more than one spell or change spells, or that have the same spell as another aether (though many closely similar aether spells have been discovered).

Once the aether's subject gains that aether's spell, that spell becomes a permanent property of the subject, only removable through other aether spells or enchanted items with that specific ability. Subjecting an object or material to multiple aethers will embody it with each spell it is subjected to.


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